19 Aug

Justin’s proposal.

19 Aug


brothers & sisters: justin walker + S1

19 Aug

"He told his wife? Oh, was she furious?!"

19 Aug

brothers & sisters: nora walker + S5

19 Aug

brothers & sisters: kevin walker + S5

04 Jul

sweet-november-13: « i love brothers and sisters! »

Anonymous: « Is it bad, that i dislike certain members of the family? I feel like Tommy is the judgemental dick, he makes mistakes - a lot of them - and then he acts all high and mighty and criticises everything his family does. And Kitty is like the center of attention all the freaking time, and yes, she's going through a lot, but can she please just stop putting herself first? »

sorry for answering so late -

i don’t think it’s bad, even when you really love a show it’s completely normal not to like some of the characters. I guess it means that the show succeeds in portraying them as real people, with good qualities but also lots of flaws!
I like kitty but she does over-dramatize things from time to time, i’ll give you that ;)

if any of you other B&S fans have thoughts on the matter drop a message in the inbox

marypraysformybrokenmind: « Do you have gifs of Justin and Zach? »

i don’t! 
But if you have a specific scene in mind i can make them :)